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Integrated Framework  That Helps You Accelerate AI Adoption

We embed data analytics intelligence across your enterprise. Explore artificial intelligence as a service with data engineering, and human innovation. Become the one of the first AI development companies in your industry. Experience our Artificial Intelligence services!

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Artificial Intelligence Solutions Provider

Enterprises are looking to build perfect models that can predict the future. There is a need to adapt, become more agile, and shorten the cycles of iteration. As an AI services company we incorporate features around adaptable intelligent data evolution in the solutions that meet your business requirements. We help you transform into an AI development company with artificial intelligence automation.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions Provider

AI Solutions

Custom Model Building
Custom Model Building

We help you build, train, customize, and improve AI and machine learning models. Acquire industry-first AI consulting services that helps you stay ahead of your competition.

Custom Model Building
Analytics Engineering and Platforms

We establish a robust foundation for your organization. Modern technology platforms underpin data-driven transformation.

Custom Model Building
Machine Learning Ops

We provide the technology and practices to deploy, monitor, manage, and govern machine learning in production.

Custom Model Building
Model Development Lifecycle

We interact with your business analysts to get the functional requirements with reporting needs and service level requirements to create a conceptual data model.


Jumpstart your analytics journey with our

Based on the use case, domain, or functions we have unique solutions and services that will help your organization achieve scale to generate business impact.

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Domain-based Accelerator

This auto ML accelerator has capabilities to reconfigure data sets and run demonstrations to showcase the re-usability of various processes and workflows. It leverages its exploratory angle to accelerate repeatability for the same or different customers.

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Our Internal Model Accelerator

Our Internal Model Accelerator is an Auto Machine Learning Model Serving Accelerator that enables Repeatability, Auditing, Explainability, Scaling, Productivity, Recalibration, and Validation. It can be a standalone capability as well as one that can be embedded into customers' offerings and spectrum.

Group 141
Demand Forecasting Accelerator

The Demand Forecasting Accelerator predicts the demand in the most granular level possible for the customer. Owing to its forecasting accuracy capability through data enrichment, the accelerator gives a holistic understanding of consumer purchase behavior.

Case Studies

Case study
Forecasting Demand in Times of Disruption
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Case study
Targeted Marketing For Real Estate Auctions Aided By Machine Learning

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Download Case Study

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