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Helping enterprises transform using AWS

We help you build, deploy, and manage complex cloud architectures on AWS. Plan your cloud strategy to get the most out of AWS with us!

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We'll walk you through Amazon Web Services' full suite of cloud infrastructure services and help you plan your cloud strategy to get the most out of AWS.

We have the capabilities to build, deploy, and manage complex cloud architectures on AWS as one of only a few AWS Public Sector Partners. We have a proven track record of successful DevOps projects, cloud application development, and infrastructure migrations with over 75 client projects.

Clairvoyant's engineers, architects, and developers have earned Amazon's highest level of certifications. So, when you work with Clairvoyant, you'll be working with a team that has demonstrated the highest level of expertise and skill using the Amazon Cloud.

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Clairvoyant's AWS Cloud
Professional Services

Cloud Consultation
Cloud Consultation

Understanding and defining the fundamental blocks of your custom cloud strategy that suit your technology landscape and business goals.

Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration

Development of applications and migration of infrastructure to AWS from any location, including your own data centre or a public cloud provider like Rackspace, Joyent, Softlayer, Azure, or Google Compute Engine.

Innovation on Cloud with AI and ML Services
Innovation on Cloud with AI and ML Services

Helping enterprises build and operationalize AI and ML solutions, at scale. Addressing use cases such as reduce customer churn, improve personalization, power fraud detection, and improve pricing strategy.

Cloud Ops and Managed Services

Utilizing latest tools from AWS for application development for large-scale deployment of resilient cloud applications and extending your existing IT and operations teams with cloud-managed services, while implementing cloud security, governance, and compliance best practices.

AWS Well-Architected | 5 Pillars

  Operational  Excellence
Operational Excellence
  • Perform operations as code
  • Annotate documentation
  • Make frequent, small, reversible changes
  • Refined operations procedures frequently
  • Anticipate failure
  • Learn from all operational failures
  • Implement a strong identity foundation
  • Enable traceability
  • Apply security at all layers
  • Automate security best practices
  • Protect data in transit and at rest
  • Prepare for security events
  • Test recovery procedures
  • Automatically recover from failure
  • Scale horizontally to increase aggregate system availability
  • Stop guessing capacity
  • Manage change in automation
  • Prepare for security events
Performance    Efficiency
Performance Efficiency
  • Democratize advanced technologies
  • Go global in minutes
  • Use serverless architectures
  • Experiment more often
  • Mechanical sympathy
Cost  Optimization
Cost Optimization
  • Adopt a consumption model
  • Measure overall efficiency
  • Stop spending money on data center operations
  • Analyze and attribute expenditure
  • Use managed services to reduce cost ownership

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