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Accelerating AI for Business Success

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FAASTR. Your AI Journey Accelerator.

Faastr, an enterprise-grade AI platform, helps accelerate AI & ML processes so you can deliver improved business outcomes. The platform empowers data scientists and analysts to engineer features, build, and deploy models rapidly.

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ZERO CODE Interface
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Ingest Raw Data from Multiple Sources
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Engineer Features Effortlessly
Multiple Machine Learning & Deep Learning Models
Multiple Machine Learning & Deep Learning Models
Single Click Model Deployment

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From encoding string values to joining multiple datasets, Faastr allows your team to quickly augment data to enrich models. Faastr provides users with options such as Snowflake, Python, and Pyspark to perform backend transformations. Apart from providing support for versioning of transformation configurations, the Feature Lineage aspect of Faastr helps you keep track of all transformations applied to a dataset.


Embedded into the application, Faastr offers Classical ML as well as Deep Learning models. Users can select the model based on the prediction class. In addition to classical ML algorithms such as Random Forest, Logistic Regression, XG Boost, and Light GBM, Faastr supports Auto ML too. Auto ML runs multiple algorithms and selects the best-performing model. Deep learning models such as Pytorch and Keras are also supported by Faastr.



Model deployment can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Faastr takes away the hurdles and shrinks the time to deployment. From creating an end-point to setting up the prediction model, Faastr's robust capability to build the entire pipeline helps users deploy models with confidence and start delivering results fast.

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