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Want to Overcome the Risks of Cloud Security and Compliance?

  • Are you facing security risks that hinder cloud adoption?

  • Do you need help with your cloud security and compliance issues?

  • Are you looking for better outcomes by improving cloud security?

Clairvoyant. Keep Your Technology Transformation Going Easily!

The cloud computing security landscape is complex, and we are here to help you ensure compliance.

The Challenges!

Your business has started adopting the cloud's efficiency, innovation, and elasticity, but the risk of compliance and cloud security may have hindered your progress.

01Lack of proper cloud security strategy and architecture

02Insecure and insufficient identity, interfaces, credentials, APIs, and key management

03A weak cloud security control plan

04Limited visibility of cloud usage

Clairvoyant. A leading cloud security company to help you accelerate your cloud resilience journey!
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How does Our Process work?

Discovery, Assessment, and Engineering
Security and Development
Data Integrity
Optimization and Deployment
Providing your organization with a proactive and robust Cloud Security Management Plan by implementing best security practices and leading frameworks.

Cloud Security Service

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Policy and Strategy

Our experts develop a holistic and customized cloud security solutions program that helps identify gaps, compliance risks, and controls necessary for maturing security.

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Segmentation of Network

We assess the network segmentation by leveraging the zone approach to separate applications, instances, containers, and complete systems from one another when possible.

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Access and Identity Management

By leveraging the cloud's authentication and identity management, we ensure that only authorized users access your cloud environment, data, and applications.

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Cloud Assets and Instances Management

We bring cloud assets, instances, and services under proper management while automating the discovery and onboarding to remove shadow IT.

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Vulnerability Management

Our team performs regular vulnerability scans and security audits to identify vulnerabilities and patch them before they become a bigger issue.

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Our experts are cloud security providers who optimize and streamline your cloud security operations, mitigating any risks associated with cloud service providers and ensuring compliance.

Trusted Cloud Service Partners

As a direct channel partner, Clairvoyant leverages the AWS cloud architecture framework, as well as GCP and Azure partner network to develop intelligence into every human touchpoint for enterprises looking to move up with cloud capabilities.

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