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Cloud Migration
Lift, Shift & Re-Platform. Fast

Seamless migration to any Cloud platform

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Want to transform your business?

  • Are you struggling to keep your business-IT services available to both internal and external users?

  • Is using your in-house data center remotely taking a toll on performance?

  • Under pressure to minimize IT spends?

Future-Proof your Competitive Advantage.

The landscape is shifting dramatically. The competition is fierce. Cloud is the way forward.

The Challenges!

While shifting workloads to the Cloud will help you reduce operating costs and improve efficiencies, migrating to the Cloud can be cumbersome and risky too.

01Selecting the right Cloud platform

02Prioritizing the order of Migration

03Adherence to regulatory compliances and maintaining security

04Preventing any disruption to existing processes

Cloud Migration from Clairvoyant.Helping you transform your business and compete with speed. Do it the CLAIRVOYANT WAY!
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Discover & Analyze

Discover & Analyze

We examine and assess your existing infrastructure. We analyze your applications & data to zero in on the services that would best serve your needs.

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Clairvoyant works closely with your team to design and apply the right Migration strategy to ensure maximum reliability with a minimal-risk approach.

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Secure & Build

Secure & Build

Based on the requirements of the workload, we select the right Cloud provider and setup a secure Cloud environment.




Transitioning of workload and data to the secure Cloud environment.

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Data Integrity

Data Integrity

Sensitive data is at risk during Migration. We help validate business processes to ensure that all outcomes are stable and there is no disruption to regular operations.

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Optimize and Run

Optimize and Run

In order to drive accelerated adoption and costeffectiveness, Clairvoyant uses a phased approach to ensure there’s no disruption to normal business operations.

Focus on your mission critical goals. Clairvoyant’s array of Cloud services will help you accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Migrate to

Collaborate Easy

Help users stay connected and collaborate with teams no matter where they are.

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Gain Time

Unlike trying to implement an internal IT-infrastructure, with Cloud, your time to market is fast

Outer Lines
Access to Power

With auto-scaling functionality, you get to use the compute power of hyper scalers anytime, anywhere.


In comparison to traditional data centers, Cloud offers stronger security features along with periodic updates and greater visibility across the enterprise.

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By paying for only what you use, Cloud helps you reduce costs while improving operational efficiency.

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Unlike for a data center, by not having to refresh software and hardware infrastructure periodically, Cloud ensures that your applications are always supported by the most-up-to-date infrastructure.

Trusted Cloud Service Partners

As a direct channel partner, Clairvoyant leverages the AWS, GC, Cloudera and Azure partner network to develop intelligence into every human touchpoint for enterprises looking to move up with Cloud capabilities.

Get to the Cloud faster.

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What to expect?

  • Get insights from our experts and an overview of your current position v/s the industry and trends
  • Discovery of your business objectives
  • Measure your existing infrastructure and have it mapped to the best Cloud technology options
  • Learn about our processes, strategies, and solutions and how you could save a considerable amount of time, costs, and effort.