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Kafka Series: 1. Install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server on VirtualBox

By Arun Algude - December 15, 2020

A detailed guide to installing Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS on VirtualBox 6.

Tapping into Clairvoyant’s experience of working on Kafka- the open-source stream-processing software platform, this blog is our attempt to document a step-by-step, detailed guide to installing Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS on VirtualBox 6. Read on to know more.

Before you start, make sure you have the below requirements downloaded:

  • VirtualBox You can download the VirtualBox from the below link as per your operating system


We performed the steps on a Windows 10 platform. We are going to install the Ubuntu server in two steps as below:

  • Creating a new VirtualBox Machine

  • Installing Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS

So let's start the installation.

Step — 1 Creating a new VirtualBox Machine

  • Open VirtualBox. In VirtualBox, click on “New” then Enter a Name for your Virtual Machine. Select the Virtual Machine type as Ubuntu.

    Kafka Series pic1

Step 1.1 — Creating a Hard Drive

  • Select the amount of memory[Ram] in MB for the new machine. 2GB is a good memory for Ubuntu 18.04 to run smoothly.

    Kafka Series pic2
  • Click on create a virtual hard disk now.

    Kafka Series pic3
  • Select Hard disk file type as Virtual disk image[VDI]

    Kafka Series pic4
  • When prompted to choose the type of storage on a physical hard disk, select the default Dynamically Allocated option, which will save physical disk space.

    Kafka Series pic5
  • Under create the virtual hard disk, add the storage as per your need. Ubuntu server takes 10GB by default, and 20GB space is enough for development purposes.

    Kafka Series pic6

Step 1.2 — Start the VM

Navigate to the folder which has the Ubuntu 18.04 ISO image downloaded and select the image for installation. Usually, it should be in the Download folder.

Kafka Series pic7

Step — 2 Installing Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS

  • Now, let's install the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS image. Please follow the steps below: These steps are so simple and easy. Now, let us start.

    Kafka Series pic8

Step 2.1 — Select the Language

Kafka Series pic9

Step 2.2 — Select the Keyboard Layout

Kafka Series pic10

Step 2.3 — Select the Network Settings

  • We can add the IP from the DHCP server manually, or we can leave it empty. For our tutorial, we leave the DHCP server as it is and select Done.

    Kafka Series pic11
  • Enter your Proxy Server Address if you have any, or you can leave it blank and select Done.

    Kafka Series pic12

Step 2.4 — Select the Mirror

  • If you have don’t have any other mirror address, keep the default Mirror address.

    Kafka Series pic13

Step 2.5 — Hard Disk Configuration

  • Select the option which is suitable for your installation. You can select the Entire Disk for a normal installation i.e. select Entire Disk or Set up LVM. The option “use An Disk and Set up LVM” is used for disk encryption.

  • For this tutorial, I am going to use the default option i.e. “Use An Entire Disk”.

    Kafka Series pic14
  • Select Hard Disk where you want to install Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS on.

    Kafka Series pic15

Step 2.6 — Summary of disk configuration.

  • Check if everything is as expected and select Done. ;

    Kafka Series pic16
  • Select Continue, which confirms that your Hard Disk will get formatted.

    Kafka Series pic17

Step 2.7— Enter Credentials & your Server name.

Now set your Username, Password, and Hostname.

Kafka Series pic18
  • On next step is to select install OpenSSH server, which will help us when we try to ssh the VM from windows. We can select the Docker, which is useful while deploying the Kafka cluster using the container. Also, you can select Featured Server Snaps, which has a list of pre-configured Server packages.

Kafka Series pic19

Kafka Series pic20

  • After this, select Done, and Installer will do its job. We are pretty much installed the Ubuntu Server on VM Box till this step.Kafka Series pic21

  • Once Installer is completed, select Reboot now and hit enter when it asks about the remove the image. After this, wait for VM prompts for username and password.

    Kafka Series pic22

Step — 3 Log in to your Ubuntu Server 18.04

  • Once VM prompts for username and password, Enter the details and run the below commands.

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y

So we have installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server on Virtual Box. Enjoy the setup, and in the next blog, I will guide you on how to assign static IP and give internet access to your virtual machine.

Check out the other two blogs, Kafka Series 2 and Kafka Series 3, in continuation of this blog. For the best data engineering solutions for your business, reach out to us at Clairvoyant.

Arun Algude

Tags: Data Engineering

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