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Why Cloud Technology Is Expected to Dominate 2022

By Clairvoyant Perspectives - November 26, 2021

The cloud computing revolution has transformed almost every sphere in the last decade. With time, more and more businesses are adopting cloud services for daily operations. No doubt, it has made life easier for consumers.

Cloud technology has proved to be largely crucial in the time of the pandemic. In 2020, the world was faced with a volatile situation. Businesses had to look for new ways to be stable and keep themselves afloat. The pandemic has made things unpredictable. Even though businesses have doubts about making investments in certain resources, there is one thing that is here to stay- cloud technology.

With cloud technology, businesses can enjoy complete flexibility and freedom. It allows employees of the business to perform crucial functions from anywhere they want. No more restrictions to work from a particular location.

According to Milberg, companies viewing the Cloud as a journey instead of a destination are expected to see more success. It’s because investing in IT cloud solutions doesn’t mean you will see improved performance, rather cloud technology is an iterative process to optimize and create security by design to cater to the organization’s objective.

As businesses spring back to action and strategize their next move, cloud technology will be the dominant strategy. Businesses need to know why cloud tech solutions are expected to dominate in 2022. It will help them decide if they should jump on the bandwagon.

So, here are a few reasons we think cloud computing for business will reign in 2022.


Offers More Flexibility

Today, all businesses want is flexibility. With time, customer and client’s requirements change, and to maintain your success, you have to keep pace. This is only possible if your business is flexible. Cloud technology solutions offer the flexibility that your business needs. It ensures you have an edge in the market.

As your business implements cloud computing services, it can free up resources. Thus, it can be used for some other purposes. Rather it helps you pay more attention to client satisfaction.

One of the major advantages of cloud computing is flexibility. So, if you need more bandwidth, your IT cloud solutions can easily supply you with it. Upgrading your IT infrastructure everytime is not required with these smart cloud solutions.

For instance, performance marketing focusing on web leads might not have paid attention to inbound call solutions. However, with cloud computing for business, these marketing teams will be able to track calls. This is a great benefit for businesses seeing an increase in inbound calls.


Makes Your Business Agile

Cloud computing is valuable as it makes businesses more agile. You can easily integrate cloud computing into your business. Thus, there is no need to pay an installation fee.

Also, cloud solutions are scalable. It offers readily available infrastructure and the ability to scale faster. No doubt, it is a crucial thing to take into account as you step into the post-pandemic time. The solution will enable your business to grow easily and quickly if required without increasing your investment.


Lower Cost

If you don’t use cloud computing, you will have to organize an in-house computing team. So, you need to have IT team members who will keep your business up and running. The IT team is responsible for making sure that the company’s vital information is kept safe and secure.

But, for all these, you will have to spend a great deal of money. Transitioning from your in-house IT team to third-party cloud party servers will help you cut down on the cost. Cloud providers offer IT solutions, such as new hardware, cost of upgrades, and software. So, you don’t have to spend more money to get them individually.


Long-Term Efficiency

Businesses that have suffered significant losses during the pandemic are now looking for solutions that will streamline their operations to ensure a better return on investment. This is where cloud technology can prove to be beneficial.

With the implementation of cloud solutions, businesses can get access to tools that can help with data analysis. Also, it can automate the whole process to improve your experience. Cloud services offer cloud analytics services that will enable you to set up data warehouses, visualization, and real-time data analytics. Thus, you can save money, as well as time.

Since you have a simplified solution, it ensures your company has a sustainable framework to last you even during unusual circumstances.


Provides Better Customer Experience

IT cloud services can offer better customer service than you can expect. At present time, customer service plays a crucial role for every business as consumers are expecting more out of their product or service providers. They expect businesses to be attentive to their requirements. If your business is successful in offering a better customer experience, you can establish a long-term customer relationship. This way, customer retention for your business will increase.

Some solutions will enable your business to meet the customer requirements, while others will consolidate the social media conversions in a single dashboard. All inbound calls are routed through this dashboard to the right agent at the right time. Hence, it ensures complete customer satisfaction.

Also, the customer service agents can collect effective data. This will give them access to more relevant data when they need it. So, they can easily meet the requirements of the customers without repeatedly asking them to provide the required data.


Better Security

Data breaches are of primary concern in present times. It has been the cause of worry for many businesses. Data security is a trending topic in recent times as stricter regulations have been introduced to provide stronger protection. But many organizations still worry that switching to the cloud might make their data vulnerable to a data breach.

However, that is not the case, cloud providers adopt various means to make sure your data on the cloud is safe and secure. Your cloud computing service will protect data from being accessed by any unauthorized users, such as hackers. They use a strong encryption system to ensure this. Moreover, you have the liberty to choose your preferred security restrictions and settings. with a customized security solution, you can expect to enjoy better protection.


Disaster Recovery

The primary problem of the old IT infrastructure is that it is more prone to failing. But even with one technological failure, you might have to suffer a significant loss. So, it can damage your business. Also, the data that you lose during this technological failure might be irretrievable.

With cloud solutions, you can easily recover what was yours. Since data is stored in a third-party data center, it is easier to retrieve them during unexpected downtime of your network. Thus, it helps you serve your clients better.

How can Clairvoyant Help?

Are you looking for the perfect cloud computing solution for your business? Your search ends here. With Clairvoyant, you can gain insights at every touchpoint. It unlocks the real potential of data to create a better future. By actualizing your data, it can accelerate your growth.

As time goes by, the face of data is changing. To be successful, you keep up to pace with ever-changing data in an affordable and secure manner. Stay ahead of the curve with our cloud tech solutions. It is going to help you in your data-driven journey. The company experts will help your organization reach actionable insights. It ensures quality storage and optimum privacy. The company is at the forefront of unlocking the real potential of data. It impacts your business outcomes and also helps in improving your data analytics investments.

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