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The Silver Lining - Cloud Blog Series

The Silver Lining — Cloud Blog Series

By Shantanu Mirajkar - September 20, 2021

Cloud computing has significantly changed the way we consume and create information and communicate with technology. Traditionally Cloud’s importance was highlighted as an alternative to on-prem IT infrastructure with better cost-effectiveness and ability to scale on-demand. However, now organizations are exploring the “true value of cloud” beyond just cost-cutting, which is catapulting innovation by accelerating delivery with built-in scalability, elasticity, security, and resilience. Cloud computing has become a Silver Lining for supporting paradigms from Infrastructure-as-code to AI-as-a-Service.

Organizations in both the public and private sectors are creating their versions of what we call MVC, i.e., Minimal Viable Cloud, and progressing towards offloading use-cases to Cloud. This has made it possible for businesses to scale up and down their flexibility according to their needs and demands and the speed at which they are comfortable. Considering the above significance and more, Cloud adoption has become the most important undertaking in the technical charter of most technology companies.

Clairvoyant’s work in Cloud and related technologies goes back eight years. Right from Cloud Strategy and Assessment, Cloud Adoption/Migration to Cloud Security Services, we’ve done “everything Cloud” to accelerate the Cloud journey of several of our clients.

Given our motto of ‘Growing through sharing’ and the experience gained from ~80%of our work heavily leveraging Cloud computing solutions and other modern technologies, we are committed to documenting our Cloud-based learnings in the form of a brand new blog series — Silver Lining. 

In the coming weeks, we will publish insightful blogs on the following topics under the series:

  1. Modern Data Platforms

  2. Best Practices for Effective Cloud Migration

  3. Building Datalakes on AWS

  4. BigQuery fundamentals and its Benefits over Hive/Hadoop

  5. BigQuery vs. Athena

  6. An Easy Solution to Simplify Cloud SQL to BigQuery Incremental Loads

  7. Hadoop-Hive-Spark (DataProc) Cluster in Less then 2 Minutes on Google Cloud Platform

    And many more...

With this series, we hope to connect with our readers, make conversations on Cloud, share our learnings and expand our expertise on Cloud-related topics!

We are grateful to our clients who have given us the opportunity to help them save cost, innovate, and scale up their customer experience on the cloud front. Read our blogs to find out how your organization and clients can benefit through Clairvoyant’s trailblazing technological solutions devised using Cloud.

Shantanu Mirajkar

Founder & CTO | Clairvoyant, India

Tags: Cloud Services Silver Lining Series

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