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Clairvoyant, now recognized by AWS Public Sector Partner Program

By Clairvoyant Perspectives - September 2, 2021

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the demand for digital citizen services, to reduce paperwork and the movement of citizens there are public sector agencies and institutions that are at the forefront of ushering in a whole new digital era. As the growing number of digital citizens paints an optimistic picture of the future, there are challenges peculiar to this digital era. Public institutions are constantly being challenged by the ever-increasing data volumes, shrinking budgets, and aggressive cyber threats.

Today, the biggest and the most impactful public sector institutions are educational institutions, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Their work is critical in maintaining a healthy balance of human society. With the help of digital citizen services, every public sector institution has the opportunity to safely connect with its patrons and provide them with essential services in a time-bound manner. Yet, the challenges to create holistic data governance and engineering platforms remain.

Delivering Solutions to the Most Impactful Public Sectors

Clairvoyant has delivered solutions with flexibility, scalability, and performance to meet the current and future needs of educational institutions, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Our journey towards creating democratic systems to operate data governance at every level of the organization has been immensely beneficial and successful to education, health, government, and non-profit organizations, especially in critical times, such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Discovering the AWS public sector partner transformation program

AWS Partner Programs enable the growth of public sector institutions with cloud-based solutions and experience across government, space, education, and nonprofits around the world. To join the program, we underwent a rigorous approval process with pre-defined criteria. Attaining the requirements of an AWS Public Sector Partner Program designation enables us to access AWS Partner programs specific to the public sector that will help us grow in the public sector significantly. As an AWS Public Sector Partner, we have the opportunity to explore new markets and accelerate our global presence. This membership reflects our deep experience and a strong commitment to delivering services to the public sector with the AWS public sector partner transformation program.

Congratulations to the Clairvoyant family!

“We are extremely proud and honored to achieve the requirements of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program membership, and it reflects our commitment to work with global public sector organizations. Going into the future, we look forward to a strong and successful relationship with AWS,” said Chandra Ambadipudi, CEO, Clairvoyant. “Our long-standing work with AWS Partner Programs has yielded extraordinary business outcomes for our clients and this new association further validates the rigor and expertise that exists within Clairvoyant.”

Congratulations to the entire Clairvoyant team! We'd like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all our customers and partners for their ongoing support.

Benefits of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program

Clairvoyant’s partnership with AWS has helped our clients in their business by providing an enhanced customer experience using faster analytics while achieving cost optimization at the same time. Know more by reading the case study provided in the link below.

Download the Case Study

Clairvoyant Perspectives

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