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AWS CloudShell and Terraform- Clairvoyant

By Michael Arnold - January 8, 2021

Amazon has a new service that can make using Hashicorp Terraform even easier. From the AWS service page:

AWS CloudShell is a browser-based shell that makes it easy to securely manage, explore, and interact with your AWS resources. CloudShell is pre-authenticated with your console credentials. Common development and operations tools are pre-installed, so no local installation or configuration is required.

Unfortunately, Terraform is not installed by default. But we can fix that very easily!




unzip terraform_0.14.4_linux_amd64.zip

mkdir ~/bin

mv terraform ~/bin

Or, using my favorite, tfenv:

git clone https://github.com/tfutils/tfenv.git ~/.tfenv

mkdir ~/bin

ln -s ~/.tfenv/bin/* ~/bin/

tfenv install

And that is it! You do not need to use Access Key / Secret Access Key as the CloudShell is running as your AWS Management Console user/role. Also, beware of installing code outside of $HOME as it will not persist across sessions. Reach out to us for all your business requirements of Cloud computing services.

Originally published at http://intelligentsysadmin.wordpress.com on January 8, 2021.

Michael Arnold

Tags: Cloud Services

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