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Back from a career break? She can re-start here!

By Clairvoyant Perspectives - November 30, 2021

Right now is the best time to make a comeback after your career break. Companies are redefining their budget plans and identifying new positions. Performance evaluations have taken place and recruiters are looking to fill open positions and identify new roles. To make the most of this time, you must be prepared. Yes, the market is fiercely competitive, and the economy is recovering. Companies still need good talent, and you'd like to be the one who gets noticed. The question is, how?

It is sometimes necessary to take a career break. We also understand the challenges women face when they decide to return to work after a well-deserved break. Clairvoyant has been assisting some of the world's leading companies in developing high-impact digital transformation solutions since 2012. We're on a mission to increase diversity in the workplace and give qualified tech professionals like you a smooth transition and a warm welcome back!

In 2021, Clairvoyant is bringing Empow-Her , an exclusive recruitment program for women in tech with best-in-class practices and the most up-to-date tech trends to make them job-ready. Here are some benefits you can enjoy at Clairvoyant.

Our new hires are no longer on probation!

We have removed the age-old probation clause from our employment contracts after careful review and consideration. We have faith in our interviewers, leads, and hiring process. We also have confidence in all our new employees, who, we believe, have made this decision after careful consideration.

Opportunities to learn and grow

We have an open enrollment for every employee into the Clairvoyant Learning Academy. In association with Coursera, Whizlabs, and Udemy, we bring to you the latest and the most suited learning programs that will help you upskill and gain more practical experience. Alongside learning, we also have opportunities for everyone to grow in technical leadership roles that will give you exposure to onsite work in the future.

Workplace relaxation and stress reduction

We believe in letting our hair down as much as we believe in taking responsibility and giving our all at work. Quarterly team outings, Fun Fridays, Trivia nights, and Art and Culinary contests are just a few of the many ways we relax at work and bring fun and creativity together.

Giving back brings us joy

We support various causes, including educating and donating school supplies to children in local schools, beach clean-up and tree-planting drives, disaster relief, dental and blood donation camps, and more.

Knowledge sharing assists in empowerment

Our Women Think Tank is a forum for inspiration and collaboration among a diverse set of knowledge workers in the industry. We host monthly tech meetups where our employees present on various technology topics, encourage employees to document their learnings in blogs, thought leadership articles, and whitepapers, and hold regular brainstorming sessions to generate new and original ideas.

Festivals are a great way to celebrate diversity.

The holiday season provides the perfect opportunity for us, Clairvoyants, to let our wild side loose. At Clairvoyant, we meticulously plan and celebrate all major festivals, whether Halloween, Christmas, Holi, or Diwali. We also give all our employees a day off on their birthdays and anniversaries.

Prioritizing employee well-being

Our employees' health and fitness are top priorities at Clairvoyant. Our company's productivity and innovativeness are entirely based on our employees' mental and physical health. We host various weekly, monthly, and annual sports and fitness events to encourage our employees to compete in a healthy environment.

There is more! 

Just remember that everyone has their own career path, and taking a career break, despite the stigma associated with it, is more common than you might think. So, if you're thinking about returning to work after a break, register for our Empow-Her program  to help you get back on track with renewed confidence.

Clairvoyant Perspectives

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