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CIO Review- 20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers 2015

Clairvoyant was featured in the CIO Review Magazines’ 20 most promising cloud solution providers 2015 list.

Clairvoyant is working diligently to assist CIOs with their cloud implementation strategies— whether it is porting existing application ecosystems to the cloud or architecting them a new. “We help organizations think and build cloud—natively right from day one,” says Shekhar Vemuri, CTO, Clairvoyant. To small scale firms, Clairvoyant brings easy-to-deploy services that help in adopting cloud quickly without any high capital expenditures. “We keep the cost of on-boarding to a minimum and allow the flexibility to grow very quickly,” says Vemuri. Large organizations have relatively more roadblocks. To keep their data security, privacy, and regulations concerns at bay, Clairvoyant works closely with the CIOs to mitigate these issues. “We leverage our best practices and reference architectures to enable large organizations bridge the gap between what their current infrastructure can support to what their business really needs,” adds Vemuri. The company also provides services such as data analytics and managed solutions in the big data space. ‘